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Mogilev region to the provide population with firewood and peat briquette

A lot of work is done to provide the population with firewood and peat briquette. The information is provided by the governor of the region Petr Rudnik at the extended session of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.

At the same time there is still much work to do. Petr Rudnik asked to continue the work in order to reduce the number of people queuing to get firewood.

2010 is a final year of the five-year plan. And the administration of Mogilev region is to pay much attention to the social and economic targets. On Sunday the governor of the region flew over Mogilev, Belynichi, Krugloye, Shklov, Gorki and Dribin districts. Today Petr Rudnik shared his opinion on what he had seen. In his words, the districts are to continue agriculture work, to eliminate unauthorized dumps, to pay attention to abandoned subsidiary plots.

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