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Mogilev region provides good employment conditions for citizens of small and middle size settlements – P. Grushnik

September, 29 Kirovsk district (Mogilev region) held a seminar-session dedicated to the questions of employment and creating new job vacancies in small and middle size settlements. The information is provided by the Department for Labour, Employment and Social Security of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.

There are 23 small and middle size settlements in Mogilev region; here the population makes about 260 thousand people. It is 23.8% to the number of Mogilev region’s population. Employment is the major factor determining life level and social security of people. Mogilev region’s unemployment rate is 0.9% to the number of economically active population. In small and middle size settlements unemployment totals 0.7%. Comparing with 2007 employment has increased by 10.5 thousand and makes 123.8 thousand. The situation proves effectiveness of new jobs creation policy. Small and middle size settlements created 17 thousand jobs, realized a number of investments projects. The region supports employers creating new job vacancies. Since 2007 the Social Security Fund of the Ministry for Labour and Social Security allotted Br13.2 bln to 96 organizations located in small and middle size settlements to create 1,235 jobs.

Participants of the seminar-session visited expanding enterprises of Kirovsk district. Here a tension coefficient of labour market makes 1.2. It means that the number of job vacancies is almost equal to the number of unemployed people. It is the result of efficient work directed to stimulate economic activity of local population taking into consideration job qualification of the unemployed.

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