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Mogilev region to reap almost one million of crops and legumes

By August, 19, agricultural organisations of Mogilev region has reaped 243.5 thous ha of crops and legumes (74.1% of area under crops), - the department of agriculture and foodstuffs of regional executive committee informed.

The largest contribution was made by combine crews of Shklov and Mogilev districts, having gathered 90.8 tons and 86.4 tons correspondingly. Bobruisk, Glussk, Kirov districts are about to finish the harvesting; they are to reap 13% of the area under crops; other regions still have 28% - 16% of areas to reap.

Shklov district has crop productivity of 49.4 centner / ha, being the leader. Kirov, Mogilev, Gorky, Klichev, Bobruisk districts have exceeded the average rate of the region – 38.9 centner / ha, making more than 40 centner / ha.

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