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Mogilev region received anti-flu vaccines

More than 377,000 people will get flu vaccination in 2013; about 31% of them will vaccinated free of charge. Immunization of more than 48,000 will be financed by respective enterprises and organisations, or by citizens themselves. Free of charge vaccines bought at the republican budget cost have already been received by the region. The information was provided by the head sanitary doctor of the region Svetlana Nechai.

This year’s vaccine has one component new to our immune system, and this happens to be its advantage, the specialist remarked.

“Vaccine helps us to introduce our organism with new types of influenza and thus get prepared”, Svetlana Nechai told. “The list of vaccines available and their approximate price are practically the same as last year’s. The best period for vaccination is September - mid. November, as far time is needed to develop a high level of immunity by January – February, when we usually have a seasonal increase in sickness rate. This protection is effective during a six-month period. Last year 370,000 people were immunized; the highest sickness rate was witnesses in mid. January, when about 130,000 cases of influenza and acute respiratory disease were registered. Children made up about 60% of the infected. At the same time immunization having been undertaken helped to prevent more than 227,000 cases of influenza and acute respiratory”.

Annual economic effect of influenza immunization 9-15-times exceeds the expenditures for purchasing vaccines, Svetlana Nechai stressed. Last year every rubble paid was worth 16 rubbles saved: Br21 bln was spent for buying vaccines, and the economic effect from immunization made up more than Br338 bln.

“One dose of vaccine costs about Br90,000, while the minimal price of antifever and antivirus medicines will range from Br100,000 to Br350,000. In case of illness aftereffects (e.g. – otitus, bronchitis) one will have to pay Br40-250,000 for antibiotics”, the specialist explained.

Just like in the previous years, some groups will be vaccinated free of charge (at the republican budget cost); among them are children and people having chronic cardiovascular, respiratory or endocrine diseases. The state also provides this kind of protection for children living in children’s homes, orphanages or community homes.

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