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Mogilev region started corn harvesting

Mogilev region started grain and leguminous corn harvesting. The information is provided by the Agriculture and Foodstuffs Department of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.

By July, 19 the region harvested 19% of the target area. 104,543 tons of grain was grinded, the average crop yield made 31.7 centner per hectare.

Favourable weather conditions made it possible to start harvesting earlier than in 2009 when harvesting began on July, 27. Agriworkers’s goal is to gather in the harvest within 19-20 days. To hit the target the farms are provided with all necessary machinery and fuel. At the same time much attention should be paid to the high quality of harvesting campaign.

This year grain and leguminous corn area is 333.9 thousand hectares. The region expects the harvest of 1.5 mln tons.

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