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Mogilev region started nomination of participants in the National Assembly

Mogilev region started nomination of participants in the National Assembly. The information is provided by the Organizing and Human Resources Office of Mogilev Regional Administration. Kirovsk, Klimovichi, Kostyukovichi, Osipovichi and Slavgorod districts will be the first to choose their representatives.

Most towns of the region including Mogilev and Bobruisk will complete nomination campaign by November, 4-5. Work collectives, public organizations, citizens are to choose 350 participants in the National Assembly. Mogilev City is to choose 118 delegates, Bobruisk Town – 66. Bykhov, Gorki, Krichev, Mogilev, Osipovichi districts will choose 10 representatives each. The IV National Assembly takes place in Minsk on December, 6-7.

The National Assembly is a constitutional right of citizens to discuss issues of state and public life. The National Assembly will discuss results of the Program of development of Belarus in 2006-2010, main regulations of the Program of social and economic development of Belarus in 2011-2015. 2,500 delegates will take part in the National Assembly.

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