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Mogilev region started spring crops sowing

Mogilev region started spring crops sowing. Oleg Chikida, the head of the Committee for Agribusiness and Food Supply of Mogilev Regional Administration, said about it at the extended session of the regional administration.

According to him, five districts of Mogilev region have already started spring crops sowing campaign – Bykhov, Klimovichi, Kostyukovichi, Osipovichi, Cherikov districts. By April,5 281 hectares were sowed with spring crops (0.1% to the target).

Petr Rudnik, the head of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, said about the necessity to complete spring crops sowing within 2 weeks. 2009 was the Year of Motherland. In 2010 we are to take care of our land as well.

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