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Mogilev region starts making skating-rinks and hockey grounds

Last week Mogilev started making skating-rinks and hockey grounds. The date of putting them into operation is still unknown since it depends on weather conditions.

Mogilev will get 20 skating rinks, 20 hockey grounds and 15 ice grounds. Very often they are located on the territory of education establishments and in the yeards of Mogilev’s housing areas. Vadim Brezhezinsky, the deputy head of the local Education, Sports and Tourism Committee, says that the most popular skating rinks are at stadiums “Spartak” and “Torpedo”. The skating-rink on the territory of school №18 is also much visited.

A thaw is very dangerous for “Spartak” Stadium. It takes long frosty days to make the ice 10-15 cm thick. Alexander Ermachenko, the deputy headmaster of Mogilev City Specialized Olympic Reserve School №2, says that specialists cover running tracks with a special bottom layer to protect them from destruction.

One hour of skating will cost Br10,000. To rent skates an adult will pay Br15,000 per hour, a child – Br10,000 per hour. 150 pairs of skates are available for renting. The wardrobe service of “Spartak” Stadium will make Br3,000. The working hours of “Spartak” are: from 12.00 to 21.00 on days-off and from 15.00-16.00 to 21.00 on working days.

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