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Mogilev region sums up the results of centralized testing

Mogilev Regional Commission for Entrance Examination Control sums up the results of the first stage of the entrance campaign – centralized testing.

According to the Commission, centralized testing in Mogilev region was well arranged and went smoothly. Attendance made 97.5%. Geography exam was most attended (99.5%). The least attended was the exam in foreign languages (95.4%). 2.5% of applicants failed to attend exams.

9 entrants were debarred from exams taking for breaking the rules of the centralized testing (last year the figure was 12). 6 of the barred entrants had mobiles on them while taking exams, 1 entrant falsified registration data, 1 entrant cheated with a crib. In Bobruisk there was an attempt of a false entrant to take an exam instead of a real applicant registered to participate in the centralized testing.
The centralized testing revealed several violations by organizers and senior organizers. Though these violations didn’t affect exam results (e.g. wrong package of exam papers) 5 persons were made answerable for it.

This year centralized testing results are similar with last year’s ones. The average point in the Russian language made 30, in Maths – 21, in Physics – 18, in the Belarusian language – 30 (last year it was 38). Comparing with 2009 the number of entrants with 100-point exam results decreased by 10 persons.

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