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Mogilev region to take part at Economic Forum in Torun, Poland

Mogilev region will take part at Economic Forum held at the beginning of February 2011, in Torun, Poland. The respective invitation was made by marshal of Kuyavо-Pomorsk province of Poland Petr Tsalbetski during his meeting with the Belarusian consul general in Gdansk Ruslan Yesin. Cooperation between Kuyavо-Pomorsk and Mogilev region is the most fruitful, the marshall stressed. And participation of Mogilev region delegation in the Forum will promote further development of trade-economic relations between two regions.

Among the priorities to discuss at the Forum are matters of cooperation in the sphere of investments, energy and innovations. So far, the Polish representatives suggested the Belarusian partners to take part in the programme of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland “Poland helps develop small anmedium enterprises”

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