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Vice governor of Mogilev Region Nikolai Snopkov and trade councilor of the Turkish Embassy in Belarus Gyuzin Bayar met in Mogilev to discuss trade and economic co-operation.

The vice governor suggested that the parties establish a joint venture of the premises of Mogilevkhimvolokno.

In turn, the trade councilor invited Mogilev Region companies to partake in wholesale fairs in Turkey.

The parties agreed to expand co-operation in trade, economy and other spheres.

According to the foreign trade department of Mogilev Region Administration, Turkey accounts for 1.1% of Mogilev Region's non-CIS trade turnover.

In January-April 2008 Mogilev Region exported to Turkey $1,186,300 worth of goods, or 15% down on the year.

Most of the exports fell on chemical threads made by Mogilevkhimvolokno (94%), the source specified.

Import from Turkey rose by 2.5% on the year to reach $2,594,800.

The region expanded the import of foodstuffs from Turkey 2.7-fold. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons and other foods accounted for 56% of the imports, with 32% falling on fabrics.

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