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The consumption of locally available fuels in Mogilev Region rose by 23.4 percentage points over the past five years, local administration’s Power Engineering and Fuel Department Chief Viacheslav Podolski said at a workshop on Thursday.

In his words, this year the consumption of locally available fuels would remain the same as last year, which reveals the local authorities’ successful effort to substitute imported energy resources.

Mogilev Region is supposed to save at least 170,000 tonnes of equivalent fuel in 2007, Power Engineering and Fuel Department Chief Viacheslav Podolski told Interfax.

The region is also expected to diversify energy resources by means of increasing the share of locally available fuels.

Mogilev Region has increased the consumption of locally available fuels by 10.2% in 2006 against the year 2005, an official with the region administration told Interfax.

Companies and enterprises based in Mogilev Region burnt 185.3 thousand tonnes of locally available fuel last year, the target being 170 thousand tonnes.

The share of agricultural wastes used as furnace fuel has grown by 22% over the year, that of timber procurement activities – 21% up, the source said.

The energy saving index calculated against the physical volume of industrial production totalled minus 10.6%, the yearly target being minus 8.5%.

Local companies and private households fully settled their gas bills last year.

Reportedly, Mogilev Region was intent on increasing the use of locally available fuels and energy resources by 50,000 equivalent tonnes in 2006.

The region focused on increasing the share of local fuels used, introducing energy-saving technologies and installing more power-generating facilities.

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