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Mogilev regional administration awarded 5 women with the Order of Mother

Mogilev Regional Executive Committee held a festive ceremony dedicated to the Day of Mother. 40 mothers from Mogilev region took part in the ceremony to hear kind words of gratitude and appreciation addressed to them. The ceremony gathered the women who are both good mothers and reliable and responsible professionals.

With the Decree of the President of Belarus 5 women were awarded with the Order of Mother. These women brought up five and more children: Irina Bolbas (an operator of Brozha Railway Station, “Mogilev Regional Railways”), Galina Gailite (a filter operator of the iron removal station, “Teplovaya Energetika”, Gorki Township), Elena Khohlyonok (a cleaner of Gorki Arts School), Irina Kamenskih (a Belarusian teacher of “Rysnyanskaya Specialized Boarding School”), Anzhela Martynova (a medical nurse of kindergarten№1 “Solnyshko”, Dribin Township).


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27.10.2016 - 14:56 | Nevmerzhitsky: Children's road safety - an acute problem

Children's road safety is still one of the most acute problems, the head of the road traffic police department of Mogilev region executive committee's Department of Internal Affairs Mikhail Nevmerzhitsky told.

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