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Mogilev Regional Consumer Union purchases 20 thousand tons of apples from population

Mogilev Regional Consumer Union purchases over 21 thousand tons of apples from population. The information is provided by the deputy chief of the managing committee Nina Lindova.

Thus far the region has purchased over 19.8 thousand tons of apples (176% to September, 9 2009). Last year’s result is 20.8 thousand tons of apples. Village shops have done a lot of work to purchase apples from the population and the region is to overcome last year’s results.

According to Nina Lindova, the apples which are purchased are fallen ones and of the third sort (Вr150 a kilo). They are for winery only and OOO “Almaz” and OOO “Kristall” are the main consumers. The region has already sold them 4 thousand tons of apples. At the moment the region is storing winter apples. Their price varies from Вr1.5 thousand to Br2.5 thousand a kilo. Mogilev Regional Consumer Union also purchases cranberries, ash berries, mushrooms, potato and vegetable.

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