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Mogilev regional executive committee awards two Mogilev citizens with diplomas and prizes for life-saving

Mogilev regional executive committee has awarded two Mogilev citizens – Denis Vovk and Vladimir Dudkov – with diplomas and prizes for life-saving. Denis Vovk (born in 1992) is a first-year student of Mogilev State Vocational Lyceum № 1, and his cousin Vladimir Dudkov (born in 1989) is a first-year student of Belarusian-Russian University, engineering industry department.

The block of flats in Spartakovskaya street of Mogilev set on fire on November, 11 - the correspondent of our site was told at Mogilev city emergency department. Living in neighbouring block of flats Denis Vovk and Vladimir Dudkov having found out the fire, called for the fire-brigade of MES, and then hurried up to the building on fire. Having heard a groan behind the door the boys took out a woman lying at the door and even tried to provide her with the first aid. Denis stretched the hose from his house and watered the walls of the building on fire in order to prevent its spread on the neighbouring blocks of flats.

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