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Mogilev region’s industry development is stable – V.Muraviyov

Preliminary statistics over June, 2010 prove that Mogilev region’s industry development is stable. The information is provided by the head of the Economy Department of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Vladimir Muraviyov.

Industrial production growth rates made 122.9% to the same period of 2009. Enterprises which are under national control made a 125% growth. Juridical persons’ industrial production growth was 143.7%.

Enterprises which are supervised by local administration made 101.9% of industrial production growth. In total, in January-June the region’s industrial production growth in comparable prices was 118% to the level of 2009 (the target being 114-116%). Consumer goods production growth made 114.8%.

Vladimir Muraviyov focused on positive tendency of goods stocks decrease. By the end of June 2010 goods stocks of industrial enterprises totaled for Br505.3 bln in current prices (comparing with Br747.6 bln by July,1 2009). In January-July 2010 the number of unprofitable enterprise will not exceed 60.

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