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Mogilev region’s youth take an active part in political life – N.Okrut

Today thanks to the active support of the state young generation has the right to keep healthy, to get education and occupation, to realize life plans. It was stated by Natalya Okrut, the first secretary of Bobruisk Town “BRSM” organization, on November, 27 at the session of the delegates of the Fourth National Assembly.

According to her, over the last two years Bobruisk built 1,500 flats for young people. In general in Mogilev region over 8 thousand young families got preferential house construction credits. Mogilev region’s youth take an active part in political life, she said. From the very beginning the youth of Mogilev region joined the Presidential election campaign. 86 young people were involved in initiative groups to support Alexander Lukashenko. Territorial commissions include 25 representatives of the “BRSM”, 544 persons serve observers.

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