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Lifeguards of Mogilev Region’s Water Rescue Association have started standing extra hours on duty in view of the forthcoming floods, WRA Chief Nikolai Lugantsov told Interfax.

All lifeguard posts and rescue stations have now adopted a two-shift working schedule, staying on duty from 8:00 till 24:00.

The nine rescue stations available have been instructed to keep the local people informed about water levels on the river and issue an early warning in the event of an emergency.

All rescue boats and other life saving gear have been inspected to make sure they are in good repair.

In the meantime, they are expecting an installment of BYR 300 million to upgrade and diversify the rescue gear, the official informed.

The spring floods may affect some 50 settlements in Mogilev Region, the local authority for emergency situations told Interfax.

The water levels during the flood period are expected at the annual average. The water levels in the major rivers will reach their peak in late March early April.

The floods will be the strongest on the following rivers: the Ptich, the Sozh, the Dnieper, the Berezina.

Agencies concerned have all that it takes to alleviate the impact of the likely floods: rescue boats, water pumps and foodstuff supplies to last a fortnight.

Besides, they have made an inventory of privately owned vessels.

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