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Mogilev rescuers won MES of Russia championship in all-round competitions of rescuers

Mogilev rescuers won in the International test of XIII open championship of Russian MES in all-round competitions of rescuers that was held on August, 1 – 10, in Samara.

Participants from Mogilev won in “Crossing”, “Search & Rescue in water area and in conditions of technogeneous emergency situations”, etc. Oleg Sikorsky, shift supervisor of Mogilev regional department of MES, made 26 liftings and won in weight-lifting exercises at horizontal bar.

32 teams from almost all federal districts of Russia, Germany, Poland, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan took part in the championship. Belarus was represented by 2 teams from Mogilev and Gomel departments of MES. Gomel team was the 4th.

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