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Mogilev scientists created kvass with healing power

The scientists from the University of Food Technologies created unique kvass (traditional Russian drink). The drink of the kind is the only one in Belarus. The information is provided by the lecturer of the Sub-faculty of Food Technologies Elena Tsed.

"Unlike usual kvass the drink we created contains not only traditional lactic-acid bacteria and yeast but Bifidobacterium as well.
Bifidobacterium is important for human vital functions. That's why the kvass has medicinal and prophylactic power,"- Elena Tsed noted.

In her words, the kvass has a nice smell, sour and sweet taste, and good thirst killing property. It also improves human immune system. At the moment there are negotiations with one of the processing companies of Mogilev region. As soon as the question is settled Mogilev citizens will be able to buy the kvass to kill thirst and enrich the body with biologically active substances.

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