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Mogilev takes part in arrangements dedicated to International World AIDS Day

Exhibition – contest of posters under the title “Caution: AIDS” opens today at the exhibition hall of the educational establishment “Centre of Out-of-Class Activities”; it is dedicated to International World AIDS Day. The information is provided by the education department of Mogilev regional executive committee.

Pupils of out-of-class activities educational establishments, as well as pupils of comprehensive and vocational educational establishments of the region at the age of 10 – 18 are welcome to take part in the exhibition. Children present their creative projects of graphic arts, collage etc.

“Rodina” cinema houses the exhibition under the title “AIDS problem viewed by the youth’s eyes” dedicated to the same matter. Visitors are presented with topical lectures, talks and consultations of medical specialists, and a feature film “Virus”.

Till December, 10, vocational and higher educational establishments hold a set of topical arrangements under the title “Forum – Theatre” dedicated to the matter of AIDS.

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