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Mogilev TV-serial to open the world on that side of theatrical stage

Mogilev script writer & director Vyacheslav Sikora announced the start of shooting of TV-serial about theatre “The third bell”.

“The idea to show the life of colleagues came to me several years ago, but only last year proper dramaturgic material appeared – we wrote it together with the actor of drama theatre Sergei Zdoronkov. At the same time, we aim at showing the real life of actors behind the wings, their fortunes interweaving, but not the ordinary love or gangster soap opera”, - the author specified.

The actors of Mogilev regional drama theatre will act in the film, including Honoured artist of Belarus Grigory Belotserkovsky, leading actors Alexander Piyanzin, Galina Lobanock, as well as young actors of the troupe. Vyacheslav Sikora will also film Russian actors Alexandra Afanasieva-Shevchyck, Yury Nazarov, and famous Soviet actor Lev Durov

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