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Mogilev Zoo is getting ready to accept two adult bison from Belovezhskaya Puscha virgin forest, Director of the Orlovski Agribusiness Technology and Forestry College Georgi Malinovski told Interfax.

Two adult bison (three-year-old male and female) will be brought to the Zoo from Belovezhskaya Puscha this week, he said.

The zoo has been created on college grounds as a training base for the would-be gamekeepers, foresters, and also as a place to rehabilitate animals in distress. Besides, the zoo will make a wonderful attraction for residents of Mogilev and visitors.

The idea to start a zoo in Mogilev was supported two years ago by Mogilev Region Governor Boris Batura.

The zoo rests on 85 ha of woods, moors, fields. Besides, there are two lakes. The zoo depends finally on the region authorities, which invested considerable funds in the zoo infrastructure.

Living in the zoo are bison, dappled deer, red deer, roes, foxes, wild boars, a she-elk, beavers, a brown she-bear, a he- and a she-wolf, a lynx and racoon dogs. The zoo administration is also planning to buy a tiger, camels, a llama and birds of prey.

The bison, deer and wild boars live in the fenced area of woods, so chance are high the animals will propagate.

In the zoo there is a bicycle track and a pedestrian path. Besides, there is a car park for visitors.

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