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Mogilevand Tulasigned a cooperation agreement for the year 2009

Mogilevand Tulasigned a cooperation agreement for the year 2009. Victor Shorikov, the head of Mogilev Municipal Executive Committee, and Vladimir Mogilnikov, the head of Tula Municipal Administration signed the agreement.

According to Victor Shorikov, the agreement is an addition to the brother-cities treaty, agreements on trade and economy, scientific and technical, cultural cooperation signed by Tulaand Mogilev.

Under the agreement, the days of Tulaare going to be held in Mogilevin June 2009. Economic relations forum establishment is another item of the agreement. Mogilevcitizens will be able to taste Tulahoneycakes. Honeycakes will be sold at the food department of the "Tulsky" store. People of Mogilevand Tulawill also have a chance to learn more about each other's history and contemporary life through regular tourist trips arranged between brother-cities.

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