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Mogilevers presented "Second-hand time" at festival in Poland

The company of Mogilev region Drama Theatre returned from Poland where they presented the play "Second-hand time" on September 24-25. It was staged by Mogilev director and actor Vladimir Petrovich and is based on the book by Svetlana Alexievich. The play consists of several monologues, and its genre is described by the director as "saying farewell to the epoch".

"After the play the audience asked us to stay and discuss the play, life and so on", Vlsdimir Petrovich shares his impressions. "The audience asked lots of questions about the playwright having been awarded the Nobel Prize  and her other works".

The company of Mogilev theatre highly appreciated organisation of the festival, as well as hospitality of local people.

By the way, Mogilev Region Puppet Theatre also partook in the festival.

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