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Mogilevkhlebprom Unitary Enterprise is planning to invest over BYR 6 bln in retooling in 2007, a company representative told Interfax.

For instance, they are replacing ovens at Bakery Mill Nr.3 and install an imported production line, which will reduce expenditures and cut procession periods.

The funds for the retooling campaign will be partially borrowed.

The enterprise produces around 350 kinds of bakery goods and 450 confectionery products. Bread accounts for 85%, confectionery goods - 9%.

In January-February 2006 the company boosted output by 6% in fixed prices, the total value of commodities produced being BYR 11.3 billion.

The value of consumer goods produced increased by 5.1%.

The range includes low-fat and diabetic bread (about 10% of the overall make).

The company produces 170 tonnes of bakery goods and 5 tonnes of confectionery products a day. Bread accounts for 85% of the total production volume, confectionery goods - 9%, other products - 6%.

The new bakery products are developed with traditional Belarusian recipes in mind. The common add-ons are treacle, caraway seeds, special flavours to keep the bread from growing stale.

The novelty trend at the moment is adding into bakery products fresh, dried or canned fruits, especially dried apricots and prunes.

In order to ensure high quality standards and extend the shelf life of bakery products, the company purchased special packing and cutting machinery.

To meet the demand for pastry, the company introduced pre-frozen puff pastry, which is used for making fancy cakes and croissants.

The enterprise also produces over 30 types of cakes.

The enterprise runs a domestic retail network, which includes 50 company brand shops, a representative office and a warehouse in Minsk.

Mogilevkhlebprom enterprise was created in 1971. It embraces 8 branches located in district centres of Mogilev Region.


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