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Mogilevkhlebprom UE is upgrading its baking facilities, Chief Engibeer Nikolai Skrinnik told Interfax.

Within the framework of the modernization program there will be commissioned a rye bread production line at Mogilev bakery No.4.

The new line will help reduce baking time and save 15-20% of energy resources, the source added. The line is expected to make 20 tonnes of rye bread daily.

In H1 2008 Mogilevkhlebprom UE produced BYR 41.5 billion worth of goods, or 7.6% up on the year. The output of consumer goods grew 8%.

Mogilevkhlebprom UE makes around 300 kinds of bread and rolls and 350 kinds of confectionery. Bread accounts for 83% of the output of the enterprise, and confectionery makes 15%.

In H1 2008 the enterprise developed 19 new kinds of bread and rolls and 52 kinds of confectionery.

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