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Mogilevliftmash UE invested over BYR 7 billion in the modernisation of its production facilities in Q1 2007, a company representative told Interfax.

The retooling enabled the company to launch 29 new elevator models compliant with the Russian PU-BEL safety standard, the source added.

"Out of 67 newly launched elevator models, 29 meet the PU-BEL standard and 10 correspond to the CE requirements (which means that the latter can be exported to the EU). Besides, a number of elevator models have been certified by Kazakhstan and Ukraine", the source informed.

Certified goods accounted for 91.1% of the total Mogilevliftmash output in Q1 2007, and newly launched goods made 42.6% of the total.

In January-March 2007 the company boosted industrial output by 30% in to BYR 59.3 billion.

Mogilevliftmash produced 1,478 units of elevating equipment of different modifications, which is 4.5% more than in January-March 2006, the company representative said. The output of consumer goods grew 7.5% to reach BYR 4.6 billion.

The total value of exports in the three-month period grew by 50.8% to $21.5 million.

The return on sales made 19.8% in January-February.

Last year the investment focus was on installing imported equipment and refurbishing the workshops.

Mogilevliftmash makes a wide range of passenger elevators (400-1,000 kg), cargo elevators (100-5,000 kg), cargo-passenger, hospital and specific elevators. Besides, the enterprise rolls out equipment and components for replacement and modernisation.

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