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Mogilevliftmash UE has launched the mass production of ЛП-0263Б elevators designed for private homes, head of the company's advertisement department Ales Tapunov told Interfax.

According to the source, a pilot lot of elevators has been exported to Ukraine. These elevators will also be sold on the domestic market, in Russia and Azerbaijan, the source added.

ЛП-0263Б elevator model was designed for small homes with a limited passenger flow. The capacity of the elevator is 225 kilogramms, and the speed makes 0.63 metres per second. Other caracteristics of the new model include safety, easy use and maintenance and custom-made design.

Mogilevliftmash makes a wide range of passenger elevators (400-1,000 kg), cargo elevators (100-5,000 kg), cargo-passenger, hospital and specific elevators. Besides, the enterprise rolls out equipment and components for replacement and modernisation.

In January-September 2007 Mogilevliftmash produced BYR 191.5 billion worth of goods, or 25.4% up on the year. Consumer goods output rose by 8.2.

Mogilevliftmash produced 4,900 units of elevating equipment of different modifications, the source specified.

The company boosted elevator exports by 30% to a total of $75.7 million.

The source attributes the rise in export and production volumes to the upgrade of production facilities.

The large-scale facility retooling campaign not only facilitated a surge in production and exports, but also made it possible to expand the product range and launch new elevator series. New products account for 50.3% of the range.


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