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Mogilevliftmash UE has launched a new freight elevator series, a company representative told Interfax.

The ГВ6002 freight elevator that can carry 6,300 kilos up and down at a speed of 0.25 metres per second is intended for bulky cargoes.

The elevator can be fitted into industrial enterprises, warehouses, shops and restaurant.

The elevator comes equipped with a microprocessor control station and a durable cabin.

The new elevator series has passed field tests in Russia and was awarded a certificate of conformity with application Russian standards.

Mogilevliftmash makes a wide range of passenger elevators (400-1,000 kg), cargo elevators (100-5,000 kg), cargo-passenger, hospital and specific elevators. Besides, the enterprise rolls out equipment and components for replacement and modernisation.

In January 2008 Mogilevliftmash produced BYR 27.1 billion worth of goods, or 33% up on the year. Consumer goods output rose by 20.6% to reach BYR 1.7 billion.

Mogilevliftmash produced 650 units of elevating equipment of different modifications, the source specified. 86% of the output was exported.

The large-scale facility retooling campaign not only facilitated a surge in production and exports, but also made it possible to expand the product range and launch new elevator series. New products accounted for 53.8% of the range.

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