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Mogilevregion grain-growers got 28 combined harvesters from Russiawithin the leasing program

Mogilevregion grain-growers got 28 combined harvesters ACROS-530by "Rostselmash" within the leasing program. The information is provided by Vasily Sysoev, the deputy chief of the Committee for Agribusiness and Food Supply of Mogilev Region Executive Committee.

New agriculture machinery was distributed among the farms of the region and started harvesting. Combined harvesters were directed to the districts where the machines have the highest harvesting load, and the farms that needed agriculture machine renovation. Among them are Chausy, Slavgorod, Mstislavl and others.

By now Mogilevregion has harvested 196.6 thousand hectares of crops and legumes (excluding corn). It is 58% of the target. Crop capacity is 38.9 centners per a hectare. 764.1 thousandcropshas beenthreshed.

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