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Mogilevregion intends to improve import-replacing projects

Mogilevregion is to improve effectiveness of import-replacing projects. This task was set by Petr Rudnik, the head of Mogilev Region Administration, at the session of the Council of delegates. The session was to consider the results of import-replacing in the region in 2006-2010.

According to Petr Rudnik, under the world economic and financial crisis our industry is to reduce its dependence from import of certain goods and products. The import-replacing program was adopted 3 years ago and since that time 44 import-replacing projects have been worked out. BYR55 bln (137% of the target) was invested to realize the projects. But in spite of these huge investments import is growing, the desirable results haven't been achieved.

In Petr Rudnik's words, business sector is to make its contribution to the import-replacing program. Businessmen from small and middle-sized towns are to join the program. They have all necessary conditions to develop their businesses and attract foreign investments.

"We are to increase the number of import-replacing projects and adopt only those that are really effective, profitable and competitive. The most important of them should be financially supported from the regional budget. Only our combined efforts and active work can improve the balance of foreign trade, to create new jobs, to increase well-being of our citizens."

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