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Mogilev’s doctors register toxocariasis patients

Communal services workers appeal the public to follow the rules of keeping cats and dogs, to take the pets for a walk only on the special grounds. Anyonу breaking the rule can be fined. But sometimes there is no one to be fined. There a lot of animals abandoned by their keepers and thrown into the street. It means that no one treats them from parasitic diseases. This fact causes danger for other petsand people.

Over 5 months 2016 Mogilev and Mogilev district registered 5 toxocariasis patients. The information is provided by Natalia Matveyenko, an entomologist of the Mogilev area centre for hygiene and epidemiology. In herwords, the disease is very difficult to diagnose.

Signs and symptoms of toxocariasis are coughing, fever, abdominal pain, headaches, rash. Only a special blood test can diagnose toxocariasis.

Sanitary services monitor microbiological condition of the sand of playgrounds. The situation in the kindergartens is better since there the sand is often treated with boiling water and sandpits are covered with a special lid.

Pet owners shouldn’t forget about dehelmintization and take medicine. It is strongly advisable for parents to keep their children under control, wash hands regularly.

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