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Mogotex OJSC (Mogilev) has launched a new fabric series intended for special-purpose units, Vice Marketing Director Irina Smirnova told Interfax.

Designated Alfa, the new armoured fabric combines high cotton content (92%) and extreme levels of durability. Besides, the new basic material for summer uniforms of special police units is expected to have a remarkably low shrinkage level, combined with digital camouflage.

The digital camouflage feature makes a moving person invisible against various backgrounds. Moreover, the special fabric makes a still police office invisible for those, who are in motion.

In addition, the wearer of uniforms made of Alfa fabric cannot be detected in the dark by infra-red vision appliances.

All Alfa fabrics are laminated with membranes for evaporation release.

In January 2008 the company produced 2.8 million running metres of fabrics, same as last year.

Exports totalled 1.1 million running metres worth BYR 18.2 billion.

Fabric design and production meets ISO 9001 quality management system standards testified by certificates of the Belarusian State Standard Committee and German TUY CERT.

The company was founded in 1973. It employs 4,200 people.

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