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More than 198,000 Mogilev citizens vaccinated against influenza

By October 29, 198,581 Mogilev citizens were vaccinated against influenza (17.8% of Mogilev population), the correspondent of the site was told at epidemiology department of the regional centre of hygiene, epidemiology and public health.

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, not less than 20% of the population should be vaccinated against influenza. The figure has already been reached by 6 districts: Belunichi, Glussk, Dribin, Bykhov, Kostjukovichi, Krugloe. 110,708 people were vaccinated at the expense of the Republican budget, 44,430 people- at the expense of the local budget; vaccines for 42,000 were paid by organizations and enterprises. 1443 people paid for the vaccines themselves.

So far, sickness rate of acute respiratory diseases does not exceed epidemiology level. Children predominate among those who fell ill (60%).

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