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More than 500 residents of the region used apply principle in February 2009

In February 2009 500 residents of Mogilev region used the apply principle of registration. 416 proprietors and 153 juridical persons registered their business activity. The correspondent of the site was told about it at the Justice Department of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. The process of registration under new principle appeared to be the most active in regional centre. Here 199 proprietors and 72 juridical persons were registered under the apply principle.

According to Edict No6 of the President of the Republic of Belarus from January,6 2009, the registration of proprietors and juridical persons should be carried out under the apply principle.

Under the new rules, to be registered a juridical person must fill in an application form, provide the statutes and pay a state duty. A proprietor must complete an application form, provide his photo and pay a state duty. A registration certificate must be issued on the next working day.

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