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More than 5,500 questions asked during “Secrets of Family Happiness” action

Since the year beginning a “Secrets of Family Happiness” action has been on in the region. It was initiated by education department of Mogilev city executive committee and Mogilev city socio- educational centre.

According to the head of Mogilev city socio- educational centre Tatsiana Shman, more than 5,500 questions have already been asked during the action, including 2976 questions from children and 2530 – from parents. Among the most frequently questions asked by parents are the following: What should parents do in case a child lies? How should a teenager be best dealt with? Are there any ways to make a child be interested in studies? How should children’s caprices be treated?
“Children are mostly interested in family quarrels, lack of parents’ attention, pocket money”, - Tatsiana Shman remarked. One may find the answers provided by qualified specialists in the media and information boards of educational establishments.

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