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More than BYR 8.3 trln spent in Mogilev region on agricultural sector revival for 4 years

During 2005-2008 Mogilev region spent more than BYR 8.3 trln, i.e. 136.3% of the planned, on revival and devel-opment of agricultural sector; BYR 2.1 trln of them – on social sphere, BYR 6.2 trln – on industrial sphere, - the chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee Peter Rudnick told today at the away meeting.

The participants of the meeting visited Cherikov district agrigorodoks (villages of modern type) built during the years of carrying out the programme of revival and development of agricultural sector. According to the head of the agriculture and foodstuffs committee Oleg Chikida, one of the results of carrying out the programme is that liv-ing conditions in agrigorodoks have improved much in compliance with new social standards, they almost correspond living conditions in towns and cities of the Republic.

During 2005-2008, 152 agrigorodoks have been founded, 36 of them – in 2008; state social standards of service have been introduced there.
The chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee Peter Rudnick remarked that all points of the programme must be carried out in full. First of all, attention must be paid to increasing quality and effectiveness of production process of agricultural institutions, as well as to providing deserving conditions of work and life of local population.

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