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Mstislavl invites to “Knight Fest - 2010” festival of medieval culture on July 24 – 25

Mstislavl invites to “Knight Fest - 2010” festival of medieval culture on July 24 – 25, - the culture department of regional executive committee informs. Celebrations will take place at the Palace of Children’s Creativity, Jesuit monastery ensemble, town park, Central and Market squares, Zamkovaya gora (Castle Mount).

The festival will be started by a thanksgiving service at Alexander Nevski Cathedral and Carmelite Roman-Catholic church to commemorate Mstislavl soldiers perished while protecting their Motherland. The agenda envisages scientific conference on the history of Mstislavl, exposition of children’s works “My Mstislavl”, excursions to historical places of the town (including the territory of Jesuit monastery collegium, the museum of history and archeology), degustation exposition of vines and soft drinks, tournament of cone-heads and archers, a concert performing “Stary Olsa” and “Yavaryna”, a medieval discotheque, a “Craftsmen’s Town ” fair.

Guests of the festival will be amazed by an unforgettable theatrical procession starting from Zamkovaya gora (Castle Mount), coming through Sovetskaya street till Central square. The procession will be headed by Jogaila King of Poland, riding a horse and holding the emblem of the festival.

“Fire night” evening show, a concert of “Gistrujon” and “Yavaryna”, and performance of “Kresiva” fire circus will end the festival.

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