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Music Festival "Golden Hit": with a song along life

October, 1-4 Mogilev was the capital of the festival movement in Belarus. The city held the XI International Music Festival "Golden Hit - 2009". October, 5-16 the festival will move to the districts of Mogilev region. The events of the festival are listed in the following report.

The Grand Opening of the Festival took place on October,2 in the Ice Palace.

According to the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus Pavel Latushko, this music forum is a significant event and the brightest page in the cultural life of Belarus. The festival has the mission of generation succession and expansion of the best traditions of the national and world's music.

Pavel Latushko read out The President's congratulation on the opening of the XI International Music Festival "Golden Hit - 2009 in Mogilev".

Petr Rudnik, the head of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee in his greetings to the forum pointed out the important role of the festival in the cultural life of the republic and other countries of the world. The importance of the festival is proved by the fact that "Golden Hit" is accepted by the Federation of the Festivals, a federation of 150 art festivals of the world. The first forum took place in 1995 and was guided by the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. And this art festival became very popular and gained a lot of admires. A huge audience got a great opportunity to meet their favourite performers.

The Grand opening was marked by the performances of the National Artist of Russia Ekaterine Shavrina, Anne Veski, Soso Pavliashvili, Igor Nikolaev, Irina Dorofeeva, Alexander Tihanovich and Yadviga Poplavskaya, the National Artists of Belarus Izmail Kaplanov and Nelli Boguslavskaya, the National Artist of Russia and Tatarstan Renat Ibragimov, the soloist of Mogilev Regional Philharmonic Elena Materinko and others.

This year "Golden Hit" included several contests. "Dostar" music group from Kazakhstan became the winners of the International Consort Contest named after Vladimir Mulyavin. According to Anatoly Yarmolnik, the chief of the festival jury, the group from Kazakhstan managed to make their performance very close to the original.

Within the frames of "Golden Hit - 2009" 25 young people from Mogilev region took part in the youth show "The hit looks for talents". This contest was this year's innovation. 5 singers reached the final. And Roman Yurkov from Klimovichi became a winner.

Following European tendency Mogilev decided to find "The Voice of the City". It is the name of the fanfare contest that was a part of "Golden Hit - 2009". The fanfare contest began with the performances of brass bands of Mogilev region: five city bands and four district ones marched along Pervomaiskaya Street to Sovetskaya Square where the fanfare contest with some elements of theatre performance took place.

Professional musicians and amateurs participated in it. The brass band of Mogilev Regional Ministry of Emergency Situations Office became the winner of the fanfare contest. They won the Grand Prix. Alexander Boleiko, the soloist of the band was the first in his category. The band master Nikolai Korenko noted that either a soloist or trio would perform at one minute to twelve on holidays and at the week-ends at the city hall. Now the question is being considered by Mogilev Regional Administration.

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