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National census and plans fulfillment are in the centre of attention

Fulfillment of the targets over 9 months of 2009 was discussed at the expanded meeting of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. Petr Rudnik, the head of Mogilev Regional Administration, pointed out that the questions of production capacity, consumer goods volume, housing construction, reduction of warehouse supply, and cutting down the number of unprofitable enterprises must be in the centre of attention.

According to Petr Rudnik, Decree 477 by the President of the Republicof Belarusenables the proprietors to export consumer goods. All interests of sole proprietorship are taken into account. At the same time it should be mentioned that
15% of the whole consumer goods volume must be sold by proprietors. The exhibition centre "Pridneprovie" was opened to improve cooperation between the enterprises and proprietors.

Petr Rudnik also emphasized the question of the national census. It begins on October,14. The districts should provide good working conditions for those who will be involved in it.

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