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A new passenger train will connect Mogilev and Brest

December, 24 Belarusian Railway starts a new passenger train to connect Mogilev and Brest. The information is provided by Andrei Kashko, the head of the Passenger Train Service Department.

Train 609/610 Mogilev-Brest will pass through Bykhov, Rogachev, Zhlobin, Bobruisk, Osipovichi, Slutsk and Baranovichi. It starts from Mogilev on December, 24,26,30 and January,2,6,9 at 17.10. The train departures from Brest on December,25,27,31 and January,3,7,10 at 23.05. The fare is Br16.5 thousand on the entire route.

Introduction of a new route was due to high passengers’ demand. “It is a kind of an experiment. The train will travel before New Year and during the holidays. But there is a plan to make the train route permanent,” - a specialist noted.


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