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Nine trade centres to be built in Mogilev region by 2015

Nine trade centres will have been built in Mogilev region by 2015, foreign capital is to be attracted, - the head of trade and services department of Mogilev region executive committee Oleg Buyanov told.

“Within the next 5 years extending retail trade network will become one of the main trends in developing consumer market in Mogilev region. By constructing large trade centres and supermarkets we deem at reaching the level of European standard of trade areas per capita by the year of 2015 – 600 m2 per 1,000 people (whereas now it makes up only 382 m2 of trade area per 1,000 people)”, - Oleg Buyanov told.

Construction of trading network of “Developer-Invest” and a hypermarket “OMA” in Mogilev, as well as trade and trade-entertaining centres of “Cage Development” are among the largest investment projects.

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