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No cases of swine fever registered in Mogilev region; shooting of wild boars & examination of private households aims at prevent

The situation with swine fever is stable in Mogilev region; no cases have been registered in the region so far, the head of veterinary department of agriculture and food supply committee of Mogilev region executive committee Elena Shibut told during the round-table discussion organized by “Mogilevskie Vedomosti”.

The today’s priorities are to remain stability, to protect agricultural swine breeding enterprises, as well as private households, the source stressed. The specialist calls the population for displaying self-awareness and vigilance, following the preventive measures having been recommended, and applying to local veterinary departments in any suppositions for disease.

Specialists of veterinary departments have been examining the private sector, farms, households, etc. According to Elena Shibut, heads of some organisations having understood the danger of swine fever spreading and its possible aftereffects decided to kill all swine.

At the same time there are no laws that will make people kill all swine in their households, the source explained. That’s why, people are reminded of following the measures of prophylactics to prevent the spread of the disease.

“All possible measures have been undertaking to prevent sales of infected pork”, Elena Shibut calms down the citizens worrying on the matter. – “When a swine is killed, a vet monitors the process, examines the animal and finds if it’s infected or not. Specialists check sales outlets to make sure that they have all necessary documents permitting pork sales. So far, all outlets have had the permitting documents. Though, control has been intensified at both markets and meat plants. Besides, measures have been undertaking to prevent pork sales in places were sales are not permitted. Let me stress one again the need for being self-aware and vigilant, especially for those who breed swine or work at swine breeding organisations. All of these will help remain the situation stable”.

The wild boar can also be an infectious agent, specialists remind. “As far no cases of swine fever have been registered in Mogilev region, we aim at minimizing the number of wild boars, not at killing all of them”, - the head of forest protection and hunting tourism department of Mogilev state forestry enterprise Yuri Galeznik told. – “11000 wild boars were estimated in the region during winter censuring. So far, more than 1100 of them (10.6% of the total number) were killed.”

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