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Number of newly-weds considerably downed in 2016

The number of newly-weds considerably decreased in 2016, the head of Mogilev city civil registry office Galina Onoshko told.

During the 11 months 2341 couples married, comparing with 3.2 thousand couples last year. "It's likely a leap year that young people are afraid of. There were some couples that decided to change the date of registry and postponed it till next year.

The average age of men having got married is 30, that of women - 28. There were also 18 young people under 18 (including 3 men and 15 girls), and 107 couples where one of the newly-weds had reached retirement. For two thirds of the couples these were the first marriages.

The number of marriages with foreign citizens (mainly - the Russians) remained at the same level - about 7%.

What concerns the demography, 4600 children have been registered since the year beginning. The number of boys born in Mogilev region is higher than the number of girls. Within the period 46 twins were registered. One mother registered the birth of her 12th child.

"This year we hoped to have 5000 children registered, though about 200 birth certificates are likely to be given till the end of the year", Galina Onoshko added. "We are pleased to witness the decrease in the number of single mothers."

Just like in the previous years, among the most popular names are Sofia and Dariya for girls; Alice also gains in popularity. The most popular names for boys are Artiom, Maxim, Ivan, Mikhail.

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