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October 25-31 Mogilev to host “Turovskaya Osen” Festival

October 25-31 Mogilev hosts “Turovskaya Osen” (Turov Autumn) Cinema Week. The event is dedicated to the memory of Victor Turov, our famous fellow-countryman, the film director and script writer, the People’s Artist and Honoured Culture Worker of Belarus.

The specialists of the Mogilev State Enterprise “Kinovideoprokat” say that the event has already become a traditional one. It is the way to honour the memory of the person who brought the fame to his native town, Mogilev.

The filmography of Victor Turov includes 26 films most of which got awards of the prestigious cinema festivals. By UNESCO’s decision his work “Across the Cemetry” shot in 1964 got into the list of 100 world’s best films.

October 2003 opened the memorable plaque to Victor Turov on the façade of the “Rodina” Cinema. Mogilev City has also got the street named after Victor Turov.

“Turovskaya Osen” Festival opens on October 31 at 15.00 with the commemoration meeting dedicated to the film director and his art.

The Cinema Week will show the films “People of the Marsh”, “I am from my childhood”, “War under the roofs”, “Sunday Night”. The “Chyrvonaya Zorka” Cinema arranges the thematic photo exhibition. The “Rodina” Cinema holds books exhibition.

The participants of the cinema week are Victor Turov’s daughter Elena and his son Artyom, the chairman of the national public association “Belarusian Filmmakers' Union” Igor Vasilyev, the People’s Artist of the BSSR Gennady Garbuk, a camera operator and film expert Konstantin Remishevsky.

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