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Official results of the Presidential elections: 79.65% electors voted for Alexander Lukashenko

The Central Elections Committee announced official results of the Presidential elections of December, 19. 79.65% electors voted for Alexander Lukashenko. These results were announced at the session of the Central Committee for Elections and National Referendums.

Grigory Kostusev got 1.97% votes, Alexei Mikhalevich – 1.02%, Vladimir Neklyaev – 1.78%, Yaroslav Romanchuk – 1.98%, Vitaly Romashevsky – 1.09%, Andrei Sannikov - 2.43%, Nikolai Statkevich – 1.05%, Victor Tereschenko – 1.19%, Dmitry Uss – 0.39%. 6.47% of electors voted against all Presidential candidates. 90.65% of Belarusian population took part in the elections. It is 2% less comparing with 2006.

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