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OJC “Belshina” mastered production of new tyres for VAZ passenger cars

OJC “Belshina” has mastered production of new tyres for VAZ-2171 and VAZ-2172 passenger cars and their foreign analogues.

It’s a tubeless radial tyre 185/65R14, model Bel-157 with metal cord in breaker. Its herring-bone pattern contributes to tyre’s quality improvement, that has been proved by production acceptance tests, including driving in dry weather.

OJC “Belshina” is one of the largest tyres producing enterprises in Europe. It produces 200 dimension-types of tyres for passenger cars, lorries and heavy-load trucks, lifting gears, electric transport, buses, tractor, agricultural machines. OJC “Belshina” exports more than 60% of its production to CIS, European and Middle East countries, Asia, Africa, North and South America.


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