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OJSC “Babushkina Krynka” to maintain preservation and development of national traditions

OJSC “Babushkina Krynka” will maintain preservation and development of national traditions. The enterprise has become the first business-partner of the project “Touch your roots”.

The project aims at consolidating enterprises (both state and private) that are eager to hold social responsibility and contribute to environmental protection, as well as cultural and historical heritage preservation. This is no accident that “Babushkina Krynka” has become the project’s partner, Natalia Shablovskaya, the head of marketing department of the plant, tells.

The main objective of the project is involving Belarus into the process of maintaining and developing the national traditions, awaking interest in the national history. “The plant is nearly related to preserving traditions of the national cuisine and its development. We do produce those foodstuffs that contribute to keeping our nation healthy and active. It’s not enough just to call ourselves “Belarusians”, we are also to maintain and develop the Belarusian traditions”, - the source stressed.

OJSC “Babushkina Krynka” has granted Br51 mln for the project’s launching. More than Br31 mln will be spent for the project’s social advertising campaign. “Babushkina Krynka” advances a slogan “Caring about people, investing to innovations, fostering co-operation, we promote the country’s image”. Producing high-quality, natural dairy products is considered to be the company’s mission.

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