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OJSC “Mogilevkhimvolokno” and Osipovichy dairy factory to be the best in protection of labour contest

Mogilev regional executive committee summed up the results of the contest in the best organisation of labour contest and industrial injuries prevention in 2009, - the correspondent of the site was told at the labour, employment and social protection management committee.
“The contest is held annually and is aimed at promoting employers’ concernment into creating and worthy and secure working conditions”, - specialists remarked.

Among 68 applicants 9 best organisations were chosen, two first places were awarded (300 base units premium), 3 second places (200 base units), and 4 third places (100 base units).

OJSC “Mogilevkhimvolokno” and Osipovichy dairy factory were considered be the best in protection of labour contest. Among the best also are OJSC “Lenta”, Mogilev arts college, Krasnopolie forestry and collective farm named after A. Nevsky of Bobruisk district.

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